We combine passion, innovation and unique technology to help Improve efficiency, maximise uptime and increase profitability.

Choosing a new IT service provider for your enterprise is something that must be approached with caution, and diligence. Too often we hear of companies that, through poor choice, experience frustration, poor staff morale, or even catastrophic data loss!

Ultimately, the fundamental objective in choosing a new IT partner is to meet the day-to-day IT requirements of your organization. This usually includes desktop computers that your office uses, notebook computers that your remote staff use, the servers that everyone uses and the nuts and bolts that bring it all together (such as network switches, firewalls and routers). Key to your business staying online and productive, is the availability of these parts, and the appropriate support should an interruption occur.

We leverage the world’s leading monitoring and infrastructure management technologies to minimize downtime and keep your enterprise online. Many companies find that it’s difficult to deliver best practice monitoring and proactive maintenance of key infrastructure whilst still ensuring that the day to day I.T. requirements of staff are met. Failure to implement appropriate monitoring and proactive maintenance regimes is the cause of most downtime, and yet many businesses find that they remain in a constant state of reacting and responding to issues and incidents. We provide our clients with a proven, methodical approach to I.T. management that not only delivers best practice maintenance and governance, but a highly skilled and focused helpdesk team is at your service 24/7.

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Delivering best in class IT implementation to Australia’s top tier enterprises

At Connected Intelligence we apply concise and proven methodology to the daily servicing of your IT needs and employees, at a fixed monthly cost with absolutely no scope for unwanted surprises.

We’re used to working with almost every type of I.T. environment and technology, across many different types of businesses. Our approach is vendor-neutral, so we will always work to deliver the best solution, without a sales agenda. We understand that the value of predictable outcomes in I.T., includes cost, so we provide unlimited support at a fixed monthly cost.

By offering a unique combination of passion, innovation and unique technologies, we’ve been able to help many of Australia’s top-tier enterprises deliver on their IT performance goals.

Here are some of the main advantages of working with our team:

cost saving for managed IT services

Reduced cost


Reduced risk

Through increased accountability, transparency and optimal service performance, and a Per Seat approach which is inclusive of all service elements.Our products and services are designed to reduce operational risk, eliminate data loss, and maximise security of your IT systems.
setting the infastructure for information technology

Enforced best-practice governance

information technology expert advice and training

Enhanced capabilities

By combining our people, process, and tools to deliver both timely support when it’s necessary and proactive maintenance and management, we deliver a comprehensive 360 degree solution that ensures that your enterprise enjoys best of breed I.T. management.With the use of industry leading technologies and the most progressive thinking, we go well beyond what can be achieved with in-house IT or alternative IT providers

Give your company the edge with a class leading IT solution tailored to your needs.

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