What is it?

One Desktop is Connected’s leading Cloud desktop solution, providing business with a scalable, fully managed, best-practice desktop environment, delivered from leading global data centres. One Desktop is completely platform agnostic, meaning that Connected will determine the most appropriate environment from which to deliver desktop services to you and your staff, whether that be a Connected data centre, Amazon, Windows Azure, or other leading provider platforms. We take care of the details so that you can focus on your business whilst you continue to use the same, familiar software and Microsoft operating system.

How does it work?

One Desktop is a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution that allows you and your staff to work from a virtual desktop machine in the Cloud. This means that your precious data resides in highly secure data centres – a significantly more secure solution than traditional approaches to desktop which consign company data to residing on your staff’s desktops and laptop computers. Another benefit of One Desktop is that it is no longer necessary for all of your staff to have high specification, powerful desktop and laptop machines.

Since the computing power required to deliver your users applications resides in the Cloud meaning that all that you and your staff require is inexpensive “thin client” devices. You and your staff will have access to the same familiar applications and Microsoft Windows user experience, but with the security, power, and mobility of the Cloud. One Desktop is a fully managed solution, meaning that your business will benefit from Connected’s award winning Managed Antivirus and Managed Anti-Malware solutions, coupled with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your hosted desktops.

You will also be provided with access to our highly responsive IT support engineers via our Service Desk or the Connected Portal. Service Desk access can be either during business hours, or on a 24/7 basis, depending upon the needs of your business. Our proprietary infrastructure management tools will monitor the key vital signs of the health of your desktops, including CPU, RAM and disk space utilization, as well as any errors. This allows us to proactively address any problem areas before they are likely to result in downtime.

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How can it help our business?

Web server security maintenance


Your I.T. environment’s security is enhanced by:
  • Housing your business’ data in ultra-secure data centres.
  • Employing advanced security techniques.
  • Best-practice approach to protect against viruses and malware.
  • Employing a highly proactive approach to maintenance, including patching and security updates.
profitability for businesses


One Desktop provides a cutting-edge Cloud desktop environment at a significantly lower cost than many comparable options. Not only is your expense reduced to a low, predictable monthly amount per staff member, but your ongoing capex requirements are significantly reduced
IT Functioning is a Seamless Process


One Desktop is a highly scalable solution meaning that not only is it possible to provision new desktops in the Cloud very quickly as new staff join your business, but it’s also possible to add additional resources to existing desktops such as additional RAM, CPU cores, or storage space with very little lead time.
Cloud Storage Solution by an IT Company


With One Desktop, your desktop environment is hosted in leading global data centres with multiple redundancies for power and connectivity. This, coupled with best-practice management and proactive maintenance ensures that staff productivity is enhanced as unnecessary downtime is avoided.
Data Synchronization between Mobile device and Computers


Your desktops will be accessible easily from wherever you are in the world, using any computer or in some instances mobile devices.

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