What is it?

Our Managed Server solution provides comprehensive support and proactive maintenance for your existing physical or hosted servers. Providing access to our ultra-responsive Service Desk and a team of highly skilled and experienced server platform specialists, we deliver all of the critical elements of best-practice server management to your business.

How does it work?

Included within a Connected Managed Server solution is patch management, automated optimization, security management, Connected’s award winning Managed Antivirus and Managed Anti-Malware solutions. Also included is Heartbeats, our infrastructure management tool that allows us to monitor and remediate issues 24/7. We analyze the vital signs of server health, including CPU, RAM, and disk space utilization around the clock, allowing us to proactively address many issues before they result in downtime and lost productivity for your business.

Our Service Desk is staffed by a dedicated team of server experts with vast experience in all leading enterprise server platforms. Assistance whenever your business requires it, whether its during business hours or 24/7 access to the Service Desk so that your level of coverage can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

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How can it help our business?

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Best-Practice Management

It’s only when things go wrong that most businesses fully understand their level of reliance on their servers. Critical server incidents can cripple your business, lead to data loss, and impact upon your clients. Connected Managed Server solutions apply best practice server management to your existing server setup to enhance reliability and reduce risk so that your business is not let down by your servers.
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Reduced Risk

Data loss or substantial downtime can be caused by anything from virus infection, malware, network intrusion, or corrupted volumes due to poor management of server resources. Irrespective of the cause, the potential impact on your business is significant. This risk can be substantially mitigated by engaging Connected to provide a Managed Server solution that will specifically address each of these key risk factors.
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I.T. departments and staff are consistently forced to choose between best-practice and budgetary constraints. By engaging Connected to provide a Managed Server solution your business leverages our scale to provide a depth of coverage that is impossible to cost-effectively manage under older approaches to server management.
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Specialist Skills

Connected Managed Server provides your business with specialist expertise in all leading server platforms. Whether it is a simple implementation of Microsoft server operating systems, or a bespoke solution with multiple virtualized servers in a cluster configuration, we are experienced in managing diverse server environments for businesses with anything from a small number of users through to large and complex enterprise environments.
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Peace of Mind

It’s much easier to sleep easy when your business’ servers are being managed by highly skilled experts. Help is on hand when you need it and we proactively manage the environment to ensure that you can focus on what you are good at.

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