What is it?

Managed Desktop is Connected’s comprehensive support solution for business’ desktop environments. Providing both reactive support via our dedicated Service Desk staff, and proactive maintenance around the clock leveraging our award winning desktop management tools, it is an all in one solution to bring the key elements of best practice to your existing desktop environment.

How does it work?

Depending upon the needs of your business, you can choose between business hours or 24/7 access to our Service Desk which is staffed by experienced desktop support specialists with experience across the full suite of leading desktop operating systems and the most common desktop enterprise software applications.

We will also deploy our leading Managed Antivirus and Managed Anti-Malware solution across your desktop environment which will not only protect your desktops, but also enhance security for your network and server environment by eliminating the most common source of virus infection and malware attack in business I.T environments. Around the clock we will deploy patches and critical updates to your environment to address security threats as they arise and to ensure that the stability and reliability of your computers is enhanced.

With leading desktop management software deployed across all of your workstations we will use our Heartbeats system to monitor the key indicators of computer health, including CPU, RAM, and disk space utilization to enable us to remediate many issues before they have any impact on you or your staff.



How can it help our business?

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Support When You Need It

 With Connected Managed Desktop, we’re there for you and your staff when you need us. Reliable and speedy support are the backbone of desktop support, and our strong focus on first call resolution is key to rapidly getting you back online when things go wrong. You and your staff will have access to the Connected Portal to submit tickets, or you can call our Service Desk which is staffed by dedicated technical support professionals, 24/7
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Enhanced Security

 Your desktop environment often represents the greatest security threat to your business. In the absence of the requisite proactive maintenance, antivirus and anti-malware solutions, and commitment to best practice management it’s easy for your staff’s desktops and laptops to be the means by which your network and core systems are compromised. We mitigate all of these risks by deploying leading software and best practice governance to protect your business and minimize unnecessary downtime.
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Less downtime

 Reliability is the dividend of good management. We are focused on maximizing your staff’s productivity by minimizing downtime with proactive maintenance, monitoring of performance issues, and speedy resolution of incidents when they occur by our dedicated Service Desk.
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 Connected Managed Desktop is a cost-effective approach to the ongoing support and maintenance of your business’ desktop environment. We provide reliable, best-practice management of your workstations, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices with a highly responsive and dedicated Service Desk team and state of the art desktop management tools. Our scale provides you with significant savings relative to engaging internal personnel to fulfil the same functions, or relative to I.T. companies with more antiquated approaches to desktop support and management.

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