What is it?

Connected Managed Antivirus and Managed Anti-Malware are our leading managed threat reduction solutions for business. We utilize industry leading antivirus software that’s deployed across your servers and workstations using state of the art infrastructure management tools. It is a holistic, integrated solution that includes the deployment, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of your antivirus systems to ensure thorough protection against the latest threats.

How does it work?

We deploy leading enterprise grade software across all covered endpoints, including your servers and workstations. The administration and management of the solution is then centrally managed by Connected, ensuring that your antivirus and anti-malware implementation remains consistent with best practice. Virus pattern recognition files for all covered systems will automatically be promptly updated as and when updates become available, ensuring that your business remains protected against the latest threats at all times.

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How can it help our business?

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Protect your data

Computer viruses and malware don’t just represent a frustrating interruption in your work, they represent a serious risk to your precious data. Whether compromising the security of your data and making it available to criminals or competitors, or by corrupting the data and compromising your ability to access and use your key systems, viruses on your network represent one of the most formidable risks to your business’ I.T. environment. A Connected Managed Antivirus and Anti-Malware solution helps to substantially mitigate this risk by ensuring ongoing adherence to best practice and an integrated approach to virus protection that is always current.
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Enhance productivity

Protecting you and your staff against unnecessary downtime due to virus infection is an investment in productivity. Annually businesses lose countless hours of staff productivity due to entirely preventable virus infections. Connected Managed Antivirus and Anti-Malware will provide your business with round the clock protection against the latest threats, ensuring that you and your staff don’t lose valuable time due to virus infections.
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Reduce unnecessary cost

Lost productivity due to virus infections can result in tangible financial impact on your business. Beyond this, in the case of severe infections your workstations and even core server infrastructure can be severely damaged due to virus attack, necessitating replacement or extensive and potentially expensive restoration work. A Connected Managed Antivirus and Anti-Malware solution is a cost-effective way of reducing the risk of this unnecessary cost.
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A common challenge is standardizing a chosen antivirus solution across the business. In many instances businesses employ a piecemeal approach to protection that uses multiple different software solutions and monitoring regimes. The net result is that where a large number of computers are appropriately protected, a small number may not be and may represent a point of vulnerability for your network. Connected Antivirus and Anti-Malware ensures standardization of best practice across all of your computers, leveraging best of breed, enterprise grade software to provide consistent protection across all of your computers and sites.

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