What is it?

Managed Antispam is our flagship solution to protect your business from spam email and the risks associated with spam email. Spam not only represents a threat to the productivity of your staff, but research has consistently demonstrated that spam email is often the conduit through which malicious code or malware is propagated. Connected’s Managed Antispam solution is a best-practice, ultra-reliable solution to protecting your business from spam email.

How does it work?

We have enterprise grade spam firewalls, hosted in the Cloud from multiple regional hubs within the Asia-Pacific region, providing redundant / backup capabilities to protect your business against any outages. All of your business’ mail passes through these filters before being handled by your mail server, typically Microsoft Exchange. The result of this is best-practice protection against spam email, with all of it’s associated risks.

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How can it help our business?

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Reduce Spam

Our Managed Anti-Spam solution will reduce the amount of spam email into your organization, by ensuring that spam and email which is judged to be a security threat by our advanced filters will be quarantined before it can have an adverse impact on your business.
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Enhance Security

By quarantining spam and risky emails before they reach your mail server we remove a significant risk from your business. Spam items containing malware can compromise both your workstations and servers, and in some instances can make your data inaccessible. The Connected Managed Antispam service protects your staff and business from such risks and enhances the overall security of your I.T. environment.

Enhance Productivity

Spam email can be a distraction to your staff and can unnecessarily consume network resources. Connected Managed Antispam enhances the productivity of your workers and ensures that your network and server resources are not being consumed by spam email.

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