Internet Connectivity is the lifeblood of most modern businesses. Connected supplies a full suite of connectivity solutions, suitable for businesses of all sizes. Choosing an internet connection requires an understanding of your business requirements and the needs of your applications. We provide competitively priced internet connections and backup internet connections to keep your business online.

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Many of the solutions that we supply are highly scalable, meaning that we can increase the speed of your link to accommodate for the growth in your business. The suite of connectivity options we can supply depend upon the location of your office, but include the following options.

  • National Broadband Network (NBN) business connections deliver reliable and fast broadband connectivity cost-effectively. Connected can provide NBN business connections to your business through our distribution partnerships with Australia’s largest tier one carriers.
  • EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) delivers dedicated bandwidth with enterprise grade stability over standard copper infrastructure and is a commonly chosen choice for businesses in areas where fibre optic solutions are unavailable.
  • WiMax is available for offices in locations where traditional wired connections are unavailable. Connected WiMAX wireless technology provides a reliable, secure, and stable link to support your business, and allows high speed, enterprise grade internet access at more remote locations.
  • Fibre Optic Internet provides highly scalable, enterprise grade internet access. A Connected Fibre Optic Internet connection can provide up to 100 Gbps (Gigabit/s), depending upon the site location. Bandwidth can be scaled in line with your business’ requirements.
  • ADSL/2+ can function as an excellent backup internet connection option for your business. As a primary link it is generally inappropriate for all but small office environments, but Connected can supply ADSL/2+ connectivity in most business districts and urban centres as a failover, redundant internet connection. This can help to minimize the risk of downtime, and is particularly useful for customers using Cloud based solutions.
  • SHDSL functions in much the same manner as ADSL/2+ but with the added benefit of synchronous upload and download speed.
  • Layer 2 Connections provide your business with a private IP network between your different office locations, and in the case where you have a Connected hosted solution, between your office locations and the Connected data centre. This provides you with the a much more stable connection, eliminates the need for a VPN, and eliminates the need to route traffic over public IP networks. Beyond the enhanced speed and stability, another practical benefit of a Connected Layer 2 connection is the ability to use network resources such as printers across all of your office locations.

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