What is it?

A growing trend amongst businesses in recent years has been the migration from in-house hosting of key business applications to equivalent hosted offerings. By migrating your systems and data to Public Cloud it is often possible to reduce your costs, reduce your future capital expenditure requirements, and enhance the reliability of your systems.

Whether you are interested in moving your MYOB to the Cloud to simplify your access to accounting data when you are on the road, or whether you are considering moving your Microsoft Exchange server onto Office 365 to reduce your reliance on in-house server infrastructure, Connected is able to help you make the switch to the Cloud.

How does it work?

Connected can migrate your existing applications into leading Public Cloud platforms, providing enhanced mobility for your staff and higher levels of reliability. We will typically migrate your data outside of your business’ usual operating hours to minimize any impact on your business and to ensure the most seamless transition to the Cloud.

We are experienced in almost all software and platforms that can be migrated to a Public Cloud solution, and we understand the processes required to protect your data and ensure it’s integrity throughout the migration period. Once completed, your data will reside in leading global data centers, leveraging leading server infrastructure, and enhanced security and reliability.

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How can it help our business?

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Public Cloud platforms offer unparalleled scalability relative to that which can be achieved by using on premise or traditional hosted solutions. This scalability is typically demonstrated by an ability to easily add or remove users as your team grows or your business changes. Beyond this, moving to the Public Cloud can significantly reduce your future capital expenditure requirements which will ensure that your increase in scale doesn’t require an increase in investment.
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Whether you are migrating to a Cloud based accounting system such as Xero or MYOB’s SaaS offering, upgrading your existing Microsoft Exchange solution to Office 365, or moving your Microsoft CRM to Salesforce, you will be moving to a solution that is housed in leading global data centers leveraging best of breed infrastructure and management. Typically sporting multiple redundant power sources and internet connectivity, your data will be housed in a facility boasting military grade security. The net result of all of this is reliability that is almost impossible to match in-house.
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One of the key benefits of moving to Public Cloud for your key applications is the increase in mobility for you and your staff. Working from home or on the road becomes much easier, and accessing your applications from mobile devices and tablets becomes a viable alternative.
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Cost – Effectiveness

A major dividend of moving your key business applications across to the Public Cloud is the cost reductions that are achievable. Not only is future capital expenditure reduced, but you and your business will benefit from predictable, per-user based costs, with no unexpected expenses or investment.

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