What is it?

Private Cloud is a popular approach to harnessing all of the advantages of the Cloud whilst ensuring that your data only resides on your own company resources. Basically, a Private Cloud solution is one in which your data and systems are hosted on infrastructure that is only accessible within your company network.

How does it work?

A typical Private Cloud topology is one in which dedicated virtual machines are housed within a high availability data center environment. Whereas public cloud solutions rely upon the sharing of server resources, a Private Cloud solution will provide your business with private servers that aren’t accessible to other organizations, and protected by high levels of security.

Connected uses leading data centers to host our clients’ Private Cloud solutions, with top-tier physical servers configured for maximum reliability housing the most secure Microsoft server platforms, typically run on a VMWare or HyperV virtualization platform.

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How can it help our business?

Highly Secured Cloud Storage

Security and Privacy

One of the key benefits of a Private Cloud solution is the high level of security and privacy that is provided. Many businesses are reticent for key business data such as financial information, customer data, or key IP to be hosted on servers that also host other organization’s data. In some sectors businesses are prohibited from doing so, making Private Cloud an excellent choice for such businesses. Multiple points of protection are normally used, ensuring that your data remains quarantined and safe from anyone outside of your business, and we typically leverage leading network security devices from Cisco, Juniper, or Checkpoint to protect your network. Beyond this, best-practice management of your servers and cutting-edge antivirus and anti-malware systems further help to protect your Connected Private Cloud.

We currently provide this kind of solution to many leading Australian businesses, including businesses in the mining and energy sector, the finance sector, the recruitment sector, as well as leading manufacturers.

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By using leading Australian data-centers from providers such as Fujitsu and Equinix we provide our customers with access to the leading sites within the Asia-Pacific region from which to host their precious business data and systems. We select our data-center partners very carefully, with a particular focus on redundancies and network speed. Multiple redundancies for both power and internet connectivity ensure that reliability is maximized and provide peace of mind that even in the case of power failure or major upstream network issues our customers remain online and able to do business.

Private Cloud solutions also rely upon low latency, high speed, reliable internet links into the data-center hosting your servers – we only use data-center partners where this is the case, so that you and your staff aren’t inconvenienced by slow access to your systems and data.

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Whether you have a single office location, or multiple offices across Australia and the world with many staff on the road, a Private Cloud solution from Connected will provide you and your staff with secure access to your data and key software wherever you need it.

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