What is it?

Many businesses are recognizing the value in migrating their core infrastructure to the Cloud, in particular onto the Microsoft Azure or Amazon platforms. This entails moving key servers and services from your in-house infrastructure into the Cloud, eliminating your business’ reliance on proprietary infrastructure and the associated overheads.

How does it work?

Connected has a team of highly experienced project resources that will assess your requirements and create a migration project to effect a seamless move to the Azure or Amazon clouds. After the migration is complete, your key infrastructure, such as your Exchange Server, Terminal Server, or Active Directory server will be hosted upon one of the world’s most robust technology platforms. Leveraging leading server platforms and ISO rated data centres with multiple redundancies for connectivity and power, your business’ most important systems will enjoy the same level of reliability and scalability enjoyed by the world’s leading companies.

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How can it help our business?

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A Connected Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud or Amazon’s cloud platform provides unparalleled up-time. Your servers and data are housed on cutting edge infrastructure from highly secure, ISO certified global data centers with multiple redundant internet links and backup power. It’s impossible to match the quality of the infrastructure underpinning this solution in-house, and with the resulting reliability, the ultimate beneficiary is your business.
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Imagine being able to add resources to your server platforms in a matter of minutes. When your business grows and you require more storage on your servers, more RAM, or even more CPU’s, we can allocate these resources to your Azure or Amazon based servers in a matter of minutes. Increasing the specification of your servers and provisioning additional space or resources used to require downtime and lead-time, but with our approach, this is a thing of the past. Your servers can scale seamlessly according to your business’ needs.
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In many cases it’s possible to eliminate the need to maintain in-house servers by migrating to Azure or Amazon. This not only simplifies your I.T. environment, but also eliminates a significant amount of ongoing investment. Your business will benefit from having a predictable monthly I.T. expense with no ongoing large cash flow commitments for I.T. related capex.

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