What is it?

A Hybrid Cloud solution from Connected provides businesses with the security and privacy of a Private Cloud solution for those applications and data that require it, coupled with the scalability, flexibility, and cost advantage of Public Cloud offerings for other applications. Depending upon the needs of the business, Hybrid Cloud solutions may offer seamlessly integrate both the public and private components offering maximum efficiency.

How does it work?

Your most sensitive applications and data are housed within a Private Cloud topology, whilst your other key applications are delivered from Public Cloud platforms. You may have applications that are unique to your business or environment that can’t suitably be delivered from the Public Cloud – these would be delivered from the Private Cloud part of your Hybrid Cloud solution.

Likewise, you may use Public Cloud to deliver your email – for example via Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. The Private Cloud component of your solution is typically delivered from dedicated server infrastructure housed in one of our data center partner’s facilities, and typically running on a virtualization platform configured with failover protection.

The server infrastructure for the Public Cloud component of the solution doesn’t need to be considered as it is provided and managed by the software vendor, eliminating your need to invest in servers for these applications.

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How can it help our business?

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A Hybrid Cloud solution from Connected provides you with the ability to commission new applications or move existing applications into your Private Cloud whenever it makes sense. You always have a secure place to maintain your business’ most sensitive and private data, and a secure hosted environment to support your proprietary or bespoke “line-of-business applications”. You also enjoy access to the rapidly growing global market for SaaS applications with the associated pricing benefits and scalability.
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As your business grows it’s important to have a solution that is truly scalable. Your Hybrid Cloud solution can be rapidly scaled as you add new staff or as new offices and sites are brought online. Additional network resources, storage, RAM and CPU’s can be provisioned rapidly for the Private Cloud component of the solution, and additional users can typically be provisioned within minutes for your Public Cloud solutions.
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A Hybrid Cloud often provides the most cost-effective approach to achieving the level of flexibility offered by the solution. Your ongoing capital expenditure requirements are substantially reduced as a significant amount of your business’ day-to-day work is achieved on Public Cloud platforms and the scalability and flexibility of the Private Cloud allows you to ensure that your server resources are always suitably matched to the evolving needs of your business.

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