Instant access to the best prices from the leading software and hardware vendors, coupled with significant buying power and partnerships with Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco and other leading vendors ensures that Connected’s customers have access to excellent pricing for almost any hardware or software need.

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Hardware and Infrastructure Procurement

What is it?

Instant competitive pricing for all leading vendors of hardware and I.T. infrastructure. Whether it’s a laptop for your reception area or a 100 GB core switch for your enterprise data centre solution, we can provide access to market leading technologies and solutions below the market price.

How does it work?

We do not align ourselves with a single vendor so our vendor agnostic approach allows us to ensure that we are always supplying the best possible solution at the most competitive possible price from one of our many vendor partners. You can request pricing for a specific device, or alternatively request our recommendation to meet a given requirement. In either case our quotation system provides instant 24/7 visibility of pricing from the largest distributors and wholesalers within the Asia-Pacific region.

How can it help our business?

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Competitive pricing from leading vendors

Our buying power and partnerships provide us access to preferred pricing across many of the leading vendors within the market. As a Connected customer you will be able to leverage this advantage to reduce your total I.T. spend.
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The best solution for your business

Connected’s procurement service can match your business’ requirements to an appropriate device to ensure that your investment is well aligned. Beyond this, with specialist technical expertise we can assist with the integration of your new hardware into your I.T. environment.

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Software Procurement and Licensing Services

What is it?

Connected’s software procurement and licensing services provides your business with access to ultra-competitive pricing on a broad array of software applications and solutions from all leading vendors.

How does it work?

Our purchasing and quotation systems provide us with instant visibility of pricing for all major software vendors and wholesalers within the Australian market, and as a Microsoft partner, we are skilled at providing intelligent approaches to licensing software that can save your business a significant amount of money.

How can it help our business?

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Savings from smart licensing

Whether it’s Windows Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server, a Line Of Business application, or Microsoft Office, we are able to advise the optimal approach to licensing, ensuring that your business benefits from reduced cost whilst ensuring compliance.
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Benefit from our scale

Your business will enjoy very low pricing due to our partnership with Microsoft and other leading vendors, coupled with our volume discounts and buying power.

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