What is it?

Quick Restore is our flagship backup and disaster recovery solution for servers and workstations. It’s designed to protect your business by ensuring that your data is backed up at all times. Our approach to backup and disaster recovery is best-practice, cost-effective, and comprehensive. Our Quick Recovery solution is designed to not only mitigate the risk of data loss in your business, but also to get your operations restored to normal very quickly in the event of data corruption or loss, and damage from viruses or malware.

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How does it work?

one computer to manage all your devices

Quick Restore for Workstations

Quick Restore for Workstations provides excellent protection for your business’ desktops and notebooks. We will lend you a Backup Box device that will be placed on-premises in your office and will take an incremental backup of all your workstations every hour, ensuring that if one of your computers fails you and your staff can be up and running with current data in no time. Leveraging market leading enterprise grade backup management software, you can rest easy knowing that your data is in good hands.
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Quick Restore for Servers

Quick Restore for servers provides a best-practice, comprehensive backup solution for your business’ servers. In the case of a server located within your office we will automatically backup your data to a local Backup Box supplied by Connected, and your data will also be automatically be backed up to the Cloud. This approach ensures that in a disaster recovery scenario we are able to restore your data and servers and get your business and staff up and running in no time. It also ensures that you always have off-premise backups of your precious data to ensure business continuity after even the worst of disaster scenarios.

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How can it help our business?

data storage protection for Australian Businesses

Reduce risk of data loss

Loss of data can be extremely damaging to any business. Whether it is client information, trade secrets, accounting or financial data, or key applications, data loss can have a crippling impact on your business. In severe cases it can lead to regulatory risk or even represent an existential threat to your business. Maintaining a best-practice approach to backup management is now a foundational element of I.T. governance. Our Quick Restore solution can deliver this to your business simply, and cost-effectively.
IT Functioning is a Seamless Process

Ensure business continuity

If an incident occurs which results in downtime, it’s important to be able to restore your workstations and servers as quickly as possible. Unnecessary delays in restoring service can impact your customers and jeopardize your operations. Quick Restore is designed to ensure that your systems are restored promptly, minimizing impact on your business.
Cloud and Web Server for Hosting

Recover quickly from virus or malware attacks

Unfortunately viruses and malware are an ever-evolving threat to all businesses. Quick Restore provides you and your business with the ability to quickly restore the affected workstation or servers to their healthy state preceding a malware or virus attack.

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