You may feel that your IT environment isn’t running as well as it should be but are concerned that switching over to Connected Intelligence would be a long and difficult process. In reality it’s very simple.

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We’ve done this many, many times.

Whether you are moving away from your existing IT company, outsourcing for the first time, or replacing the “go-to-guy” that you call when you have IT issues we’ve done it all before. In fact we’re now so good at helping companies to make the switch that we have a highly defined process with systematic steps to help new clients move across from almost any type of IT company or support resource.
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It’s seamless.

The only immediate change that you and your staff are likely to experience when we transition your IT arrangements across to us is dramatically better service. We understand that it’s important that the transition process doesn’t impact your day-to-day activities and we’re very good at ensuring that this is the case. Where necessary we can migrate some services over the weekend or outside of business hours, and upon transition we will provide you and your staff with immediate access to the Connected Portal and our Service Desk for immediate assistance for any IT issues. From here we implement our monitoring, maintenance, and support technologies and define the steps from your current environment to best practice.
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First steps.

We’ll use our industry-leading technologies to conduct an audit of your existing IT environment and will comprehensively record the details of your existing systems and infrastructure within our IT support system. This means that we’re immediately in a position to support the environment and your staff. At this stage we’ll also deploy our monitoring and maintenance systems that allow us to immediately implement best practice proactive maintenance of your systems.
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The future.

Once your business is gaining from our day-to-day management of your systems and your staff are benefiting from our highly responsive Service Desk the next step is to define future technology priorities for your business. We will work with you to create an IT Roadmap which will provide a clear path towards best practice and prioritization of existing known issues or project priorities. We do this because we understand that as your IT partner our focus has to be not only on meeting your business’ current needs, but also anticipating and meeting your future requirements.
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It starts with a conversation.

If you’re an Australian business with between 5 and 500 staff and you feel like your IT environment isn’t being looked after as well as it should be you should contact us for a confidential conversation. We’ve helped hundreds of Australian businesses make an easy move to better IT outcomes with Connected Intelligence.

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