Why are you looking for IT companies?

  1. Is it too hard to deal with your IT company?
  2. Do they speak another language like techno-babble?
  3. Do they take days to get back to you?
  4. Does getting an email setup for a new employee take 3-5 days?

Regardless of the size or type of your business – IT management and support are either front footed or on the back foot. It’s either proactive or it’s reactive.

Let’s talk Proactive IT Support

We offer only one approach to the delivery of IT Support.  We provide:

  1. all of the IT services your business and its staff need, for a fixed monthly fee with no surprises
  2. no lock-in contracts
  3. option of unlimited support at no extra cost
  4. 15 minute response guarantee

Our objective is for you to not need our reactive support services. Even though it’s available to you 24×7 at no extra cost.

Our focus on delivering proactive IT means you spend less time depending on our support reactively. This is how we deliver value to your business.

If you’re spending more time than you think you should be, speaking with your IT service provider about problems after they’ve already happened, perhaps it’s time to look around.

An Instant Online Quote from Connected Intelligence could be a good place to start.



Because IT Support can either help or hinder your business – the differentiator is the quality of service. All too often we hear stories from new clients about IT systems they for the most part “worked”, whereas the level of service from the people enabling this didn’t.

We believe that the best way to build a service culture is through transparency. We’re big on performance metrics as a way of fostering this within our team, and a way of maintaining accountability to our valued customers (we provide real-time visibility of our performance as well as monthly IT reporting). If you want to take a look up to the right on this page, we provide this information right here on our website, with current results, for the world to see.

If you’re ready for a fresh approach to your IT Support, we’d love to chat or use the Instant Online Quote.

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