Your IT set up is arguably the most important factor in determining the success of your business. Indeed if your infrastructure is running below par, it can significantly affect the efficiency of your team and the productivity of your company.

But what if you could take an in-depth look at your IT, so you could understand what’s working well and the areas where you could make improvements?

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With our FREE IT Audit, which is valued at $399, the Connected team will carry out a complete health check of your current IT system. And by running a series of detailed tests, they can quickly analyse, identify and report back to you on any issues which they think need to be addressed.

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Our in-depth audit includes the following elements:

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A Network Intrusion Test

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A Domain Record Review

We will conduct penetration testing to ensure that the most important doors are locked.We will review your domain records and zone information to ensure they are secure and configured correctly.
Highly Secured Cloud Storage

An Inactive Account Audit

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A Desktop Patch Review

We will thoroughly audit old and inactive user accounts, one of the leading sources of unauthorised access to your data and network.We will check that your desktop environment is completely patched with all relevant security and performance updates.
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A Server Patch Review

IT Training and Support

A Password Policy Review

We will check that your server environment is completely patched with all relevant security and performance updates.We will review your existing password policy and compare against best practice.
Digital Data Transfer and Storage

An Active Directory Shares and Security Policy Review

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An Antivirus and Anti-malware Review

We will audit your AD resources, network resource shares, and policies to ensure that they comply with best practice.We will review the currency of your antivirus and anti-malware platform and check to determine if your platform management is in line with best practice.
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A Backup and Data Security Review

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A Connectivity and Redundancy Check

We will check your backup and data retention policies, as well as your infrastructure and systems.We will review your current Internet connectivity and redundant links and, where appropriate, suggest more effective alternatives.
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A Documentation and Knowledge Management Review

We will review the documentation policy for your IT systems to ensure that all critical data is correctly recorded and that configuration items are appropriately catalogued.
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It pays to ensure that your IT Infrastructure is performing at its best.

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