Peter Berry Consultancy Pty Ltd, Business Professional Services | Human Resources

March 9th, 2015

We’re a small business with only a handful of employees but because we run online surveys worldwide and have five consultants operating nationally we have unusually high IT needs. We can’t justify a full time IT department, and we suspect we wouldn’t get the expertise we need from just one person anyway. We’ve been using Connected Intelligence Virtual IT for the last few years and it’s incredibly handy for our team. We had our initial doubts – we’ve all logged problems online and watched them go nowhere, but with Virtual IT we get a quick response to know that someone is working on fixing our issue. If it’s urgent – someone will be on the phone to us within minutes. We’ve gotten to know the guys at the end of the Virtual IT line pretty well. We trust them to fix issues for us when we really need them to. They seem to be available 24 hours, we’re not quite sure when they sleep.

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