Do Smartphones Really Improve Productivity?

March 23rd, 2012

Mobile Phone and Tablet Device

Smartphones have taken the world by storm — the business world in particular. If you go downtown on a weekday, you’ll see thousands of people walking around using their smartphones. While the marketing tells us that smartphones are the best thing since sliced bread, the jury is still out on whether or not they actually help us get more done. The following are some of the main points surrounding smartphone use and their impact on productivity.



Just having a simple cell phone can add to your productivity, so being able to make calls, surf the web, send texts, send emails, pay bills and so on, really can save a huge amount of time. With a smartphone, you really can just go and sit at the café for half an hour and take care of your entire to-do list, allowing you to be way more productive with your time. Remember, though, that you should invest in some IT security services if you’re using personal information online.


Smartphones enable you to centralise your communications, which will allow you to keep everything organised far more easily, therefore maximising your use of time. Between tweeting, emailing, Facebooking and so on, you really should be able to do your marketing, promotions and communications quickly and easily. Having everything in the one device also allows you to multi-task better and make use of ‘dead time’, such as waiting in line at the bank or waiting for the bus.


Checking your emails on a smartphone is far quicker and easier than doing so by using a computer, so you can spend less time checking your emails and more time getting real work done. The use of smartphones in classrooms has also allowed teachers to save time looking for answers and get on with teaching those all-important lessons. If you’re using your smartphone as a teaching tool, make sure you’re up to date on the latest IT support services.


Sometimes you just can’t get any work done in the office and you need a change of scenery. With a smartphone, you can take your work with you to the beach or the local park and clear your head a bit. Fresh air is important for brain functioning, so your smartphone will save you fruitless hours in the office by allowing you the ability to get out, stretch your legs and take your work with you.



There are some who feel that smartphones use actually results in less work being done, because now that everyone has access to the Internet through their Smartphones, they can be distracted surfing the web, messaging on Facebook or messing around with apps. Having the ability to text is distracting enough, but having full access to the Internet can mean you never actually get started on that essay. Unless you’re a very disciplined type, you’ll probably get more done without your smartphone.

Smartphones are having a huge impact on our world, from changing how we shop to altering the way business is conducted. Depending on your style, a smartphone can be a great tool and help you be far more productive. Just remember to keep your work and play time separate, so that you’re staying focused and actually getting your work done.

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