Connectivity is key – Connected Intelligence breaks the IT “buck passing” cycle

August 6th, 2007

computer ethernet cables plugged in to the switchboard

In response to the growing number of Small to Medium sized organizations experiencing the frustrations of Internet downtime and its impact on daily business activities, Connected Intelligence has released its own Tier 2 network for the delivery of consistent superior Internet speed and reliability to our customers.

This is a significant offering for our Virtual ITTM customers who recognise the immense benefit of having Connected Intelligence meet every day to day IT requirement. The major advantage apart from the superior quality of service and reduced cost for which we’re known, is the ability to place all manner of issues with the one outlet. This yields considerable benefits when compared with the common alternative scenario whereby third party vendors ‘pass the buck’ and responsibilities and problems ownership is ill-defined.

For information on transitioning your office or remote sites to the Connected Intelligence network for Internet connectivity, contact your Client Services Officer on 1300 556 700 or via the Virtual ITTM ticketing system or if you’re interested in outsourcing your IT functions to Connected Intelligence simply contact us directly.

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