10 Security Experts You Should be Following on Twitter

August 25th, 2014

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Security never rests on the internet. As quick as there’s a new threat out there lurking the web, another solution is coming from some of the sharpest minds in the technology scene. From one minute to the next, there’s a new triumph, a new revelation, and a new threat to take into account. Thankfully, there’s finally a platform that can keep up with this ever-changing world: Twitter. In 140 characters or less, you could save your piece of mind, dozens of times a day. That’s why Connected Intelligence is bringing you the top 10 cyber security experts that you have no excuse not to be following. These experts are in no particular order, as you don’t have an excuse not to be following every single one.

  1. Graham Cluley @gcluleyGraham Cluley is the senior technology consultant for Sophos, and the past top consultant on their essential Naked Security blog from the hayday of 1999 up until 2013. Graham’s been fighting on the fronts malware and cybercrime since before they were even recognised terms, and he brings everything he learns fresh to you.
  2. Dave Marcus @DaveMarcus
    Dave is the ‘Chief Architect of security research, Advanced Research and Threat Intelligence ‘at McAfee Federal Advanced Programs Group, which is a title that’s every bit as impressive as it sounds. Dave delivers a wealth of all-important security articles, research findings and hacking security news to your Twitter throughout the day.
  3. Stewart Room @stewartroom
    Stewart brings a wealth of skills with him to any tweet – lawyer specialising in the field of privacy and security, director of the Cyber Security Challenge in the UK, President of the National Association of Data Protection and Freedom of Information Officers (NADPO), and previous winner of the FT Legal Innovator award – and that’s just in his twitter handle! There’s a UK low focus to his account, but there’s no doubt that you’re going to find a use for what he has to say no matter where you are.
  4. Rob Lemos @roblemos
    Rob Lemos, a true veteran of the science and technology fields finds no reason to stick to a single particular topic in his feed, though somewhat occasional though his tweets are lately, they’re normally worth knowing about. You may find yourself learning more about physics and science than you expected from a security expert, but learning a bit about space is more of a bonus for learning about the news he keeps across.
  5. Charlie Miller @0xcharlie
    Who else can say ‘I’m that Apple 0day guy’ as their complete summary in their Twitter bio? Charlie is the very face of ethical hacking for many readers, and his feed will keep you up to date on every new event and publication that he comes across, making the world a less hackable place one update at a time.
  6. Ben Rothke @benrothke
    As the Information Security manager at Wyndham Worldwide, Ben Rothke’s usually kept across the latest in any development, from the latest security updates worldwide, to the big exposes that will help you stay one step ahead. And he’s all about sharing it back to all of you.
  7. Brian Katz @bmkatz
    Mobile is a bigger world when it comes to cyber security than what most users seem to give it credit for. However, Brian Katz is here to let you know just how important your latest gadgets are in the scheme of things. Self-confessed gadget lover and avid technology expert, he has a special way to make any topic an important deal.
  8. Rafal Los @Wh1t3Rabbit
    In the ever constant war on computer security, you need to be a strategist. And there’s no one better to be across than the current director of Solutions Research for Accuvant, Rafal Los. A great sense of humour belies a wealth of knowledge.
  9. Bruce Schneier @schneierblog
    Perhaps one of the world’s foremost experts in cryptography, Bruce Schneier has a keen intellect focused on world events and society. But his true love and passion is security in all its forms – whether it be digital, logical or physical, Schneier is the expert on your Twitter feed that you always long to hear more from.
  10. Dave Whitelegg @SecurityExpert
    Someone had to have the ‘Security Expert’ Twitter handle, and it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving tweeter. Not only does Dave Whitelegg keep up to date with seemingly every new security development, such as complying with the latest all-important security updates, he’s got his pulse on the most interesting in hacking scandals and tools.

With this list of security aficionados on your Twitter feed, you have next to no excuse to be out of the loop come the next big security development. Since we can ‘t rest on our laurels concerning IT security (especially with business critical digital assets) Connected Intelligence IT consultants and security experts can assist you with any queries you may have regarding your business’ information technology infrastructure security. Simply contact us anytime.

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